You know, its dangerous to go life alone.  Always keep your friends close, and your WASD closer.


There are other cases that have handles that cost less, why should I choose CP-M1?

- Port accessibility is a huge deal. The other cases may have handles to take somewhere but when you get there you don't have the convenience of easy port access like the CP-M1

- Of the few cases that do have handles, the CP-M1 is ergonomically designed for being taken places. Being roughly 25-50% smaller in volume and 25-50% lighter than most mid-towers/full-towers, these factors are often forgotten about out of a race to find the cheapest case.

- I have helped many people build their own computer.  The common comment is, oh I didn't realize it would be this big/heavy.  I have a lot of empty space in this box that will never get used. 

- Ultimately you get what you pay for. When you buy a Ceptagon product, you can have confidence in its fully thought through design (design for minimum dead space) and build quality (Made in the USA).  The CP-M1 is a premium product designed and made in USA. The value is excellent when you compare all the additional useful features that other products simply don't have, and it looks unlike anything else out there!

You talked in your build guide video about fan orientation, can you elaborate please?

- I recommend the CP-M1 to have the top fans for intake and the bottom fans for exhaust.  This is recommended for a couple reasons.

- First: This orientation helps dust naturally fall to the ground and stay there.  You will end up with less dust in your system than if you reversed the flow.

- Second: Performance is going to be roughly the same, you won't notice much of a difference in your thermals. 

- Third: When all the air is blowing strait out the top, if it is near the edge of your desk and you have papers there, oops there they go! Or if you have dry eyes, it will be blowing on you for extended periods of time.

- Lastly: The fans from the top view will look more professional, as you aren't seeing the backside of the fans.