The first and only case bold enough to define a new era in desktop computers. ~ Patent Pending...Yah its that unique.


Take your computer case wherever you want to go. Handles make transport a breeze.  The CP-M1 is roughly 25-50% smaller in weight and volume than most of the ATX mid-tower cases while allowing server style (E-ATX / SSI-CEB / SSI-EEB) motherboards and a full metal construction.  The cosmic black powder coat is multiple times more durable than paint, and resists scuffs common on plastic enclosures.

The two ergonomically located handles also function as convenient cable routing to either side.  The two inch ledge on top of the computer allows you to coil up all your cables on top, freeing up your backpack for other necessities like snacks and beverages.  Never let your computer setup stop you from going to a friends house for a couple hours, its really no problem with the CP-M1!


All the I/O ports on the top?  No longer will you be diving under your desk to plug somthing in.  No longer will you have to hassle with a flashlight to find the right port.  See it all on top.  It makes everyday usage of your computer immensely satisfying. 

Still cabled up by your VR setup?  Gain a couple feet of movement in any direction because the cables come out the top. 

Cable management has become simple, modular, and effortless.  Throw out your zip ties, because it is time to enter the realm of Velcro! Included are 20 velcro dots & 10 velcro cable ties.  Place the dots anywhere you decide to route your cables, then wrap the cables and stick them to the dots wherever you need them.  When you want to change things up, just detach and reattach with ease


The design of the CP-M1 is engineered to prioritize maximum airflow over the hottest components.  Most all cases attempt to push the air horizontally through the case; past a slew of hard drives and a mess of cables. Ours is designed like a chimney so fresh air gets pushed directly onto all of the hottest components first.  When there are two graphics cards next to each other, you won't have to worry any longer about proper heat dissipation, We've got your back!

We eliminated graphics card slop by using a chimney design.  Relocating a few other items, like your storage drives and PSU, we were able eliminate most of the dead space that plagues traditional tower designs.  Nearly any component can be used and you can even fit an E-ATX / SSI-EEB motherboard inside for that new Threadripper or i9 build you have been dreaming about for a year! Dual socket EPYC or XEON server motherboards work too!