Designed, Engineered, & Manufactured in the United States of America.

How many computer case manufacturers can say that?  We do!

Solutions for everyday desktop computer problems are coming your way from Ceptagon.  We ensure our products are designed to the highest standards using our prior experience from designing high amperage industrial electrical equipment and electrical enclosures.  We are devoted to manufacturing better products using advanced technologies, materials, and processes.  Our manufacturing partners have a combined 40+ years of manufacturing experience.

Innovation begins with an idea.  This idea came from how we wanted to use our computers in 2008.  Now it is 2018, and no one has touched the idea.  It is time to create the world of PC's we want to live in.  

Sir Christo-Cola

I'm the man behind Ceptagon, its innovations, engineering, and business success.  I love to PC game.  Hit me up on Steam and lets play a game of CoH.  Long live PCMR!

CEO - Founder

I don't game, sorry!


Retired Air Force Officer with experience in Aircraft maintaince production, resource management, and quality assurance.   Make the switch to Ceptagon!